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  • Silent Chain Overview

    Silent Chain Overview

    Ramsey manufactures an extensive range of silent chain and sprockets for use in industrial power transmission and conveying applications.

  • Power Transmission

    Power Transmission

    Silent chain drives transmit power at loads and speeds that exceed the capabilities of other belts and chains. Ramsey offers a wide range of chains to fit specific applications and replace products from other manufacturers.

  • Glass Transport

    Glass Conveying

    Ramsey has supplied glass conveying chain to bottle producers and glass equipment manufacturer's for more than 50 years. Today, we offer the widest range of production proven silent conveying chains of any company in the world.

  • Wear Protection Chains

    Wear Protected Chains

    Working with glass producers around the world, Ramsey developed a range of wear protected conveying chains to reduce downtime and extend conveyor life.

  • Industrial Conveying

    Industrial Conveying

    Silent conveying chains provide a heat resistant, flat, durable, non-slip, conveying surface that can be customized to fit a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Drive Systems

    Drive Systems

    Ramsey's Hyperlink drives are customized, fully enclosed chain drive solutions built to deliver the exact loads, speeds and drive ratios needed in your application.

  • Ramsey Sprockets

    Sprockets, Couplings, and Gears

    Ramsey offers stock and made to order sprockets in pitches ranging from 3/16" pitch to 2 1/4" pitch, as well as couplings, and gears.

Who We Are

Since our beginning in 1923, Ramsey Products has focused on helping customers with the selection and application of Silent Chain drives. Combine that experience and commitment to customer service with our ongoing focus on quality and you have today’s Ramsey Products – manufacturing and supporting the world’s widest range of industrial Silent Chain products.

Because Ramsey specializes in Silent Chain, also known as Inverted Tooth chain, we can provide solutions that are simply not available from other companies. Not only do we offer the widest range of standard silent chains and sprockets, we also custom design and produce chains and sprockets to fit our customer’s exact requirements. If a job can be done with silent chain, we will help you find the most affordable and effective chain for the job! With warehouses and representatives around the world, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

…shouldn’t all chain be Silent?

Engineering Services …
Silent Chain Case Studies

Having been in the chain business for nearly 100 years, we recognize the importance of providing timely and effective technical product support. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day and there is no charge for technical support. We invite you to contact our Engineering Support Team with any of your questions.

Chain Calculation

View design tips and engineering formulas to calculate chain length, width, and more

Product Support

Ramsey Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM, to help you with any questions you might have.

Drive Selection Program

Use Ramsey’s online Drive Selection Program to simplify drive sizing and selection. Design your perfect drive by choosing chain type, width, length, and sprockets.

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