Lifeguard Extended Pitch – Our Latest Innovation

Jul 24, 2012

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Lifeguard┬« Extended Pitch – Our Latest Innovation

Great customers often lead to great products! And we have our customers to thank for encouraging us to develop Lifeguard┬« Extended Pitch conveying chain. Offering all the advantages of standard 1/2″ pitch Lifeguard chain, but with fewer moving parts and reduced overall weight, Lifeguard Extended Pitch can prolong chain life and promote smooth product transfer. Specialized interlocking guard links (patent pending) prevent pin head wear, reduce the size of gaps between adjacent side places, and create a smooth, hazard resistant lateral profile. Chains are available in sizes and builds to fit nearly every application. Lifeguard Extended Pitch conveying chains operate on standard 1/2″ pitch Ramsey sprockets.

Shouldn’t your conveyor system be protected by LifeGuard?