R-Select Chains… Wear Resistance, Where You Need It Most

Sep 10, 2015

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R-Select Chains… Wear Resistance, Where You Need It Most

Ramsey has developed unique new conveying chains which incorporate super wear resistant links yet keep overall chain cost down – Ramsey’s patented R-Select chains.

R-Select chains put hardened, highly wear resistant chromium alloy links in the parts of the chain which are expected to wear the most. Other parts of the chain, which are less subject to wear, are made with standard, heat treated steel links. Because the chain is not made entirely of the more costly wear resistant links, the overall cost of the chain can be as little as 20% more than the cost of a standard chain.

When choosing R-Select, customers work directly with our design team to have wear resistant links built into a chain wherever they want to improve wear resistance, and the added cost is usually minimal. Almost any style of Ramsey conveying chain can be made using the R-Select process to achieve optimum wear resistance. R-Select chains are covered under US Patent No. 8,474,607

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