Sentry: Unique Wear Protected 2-Pin Conveying Chains

Jun 02, 2016

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Ramsey’s popular line of wear protected chain products recently expanded to include a unique new 2 pin conveying chain. Branded the Sentry line, Sentry chains combine the best features of Ramsey’s established Allguard FX and standard two pin conveying chains with features developed for high speed power transmission chains. Developed especially for customers preferring two pin style conveying chains, Sentry chains are fully compatible with most existing silent chains and sprockets. Sentry chains are an excellent replacement for laserweld style conveying chains.

Features of Ramsey’s New Sentry Chains:
• Guard Links with Fully Recessed Pin Heads
• 100% Hardened Alloy Steel Construction- No Sintered Metal
• Two Pin Chain Joints
• 1” and 1/2” Pitch Chain Design
• Staked Pin Heads
• Pre-Stressing for Reduced Chain Elongation

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