Ramsey Offers More Stainless Steel Options

Jul 30, 2019

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Stainless steel conveying chains offer numerous advantages for glass conveying and general industrial conveying.

Higher Temperature Capability –
Improved Thermal Properties –
Superior Corrosion Resistance –

Available Options

316 and 420 Stainless Steel
Select 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance or 420 stainless for improved resistance to abrasive wear.

Hardened Stainless or Carbon Steel Pins
Choose hardened stainless steel pins or less expensive hardened carbon steel pins.

Virtually Unlimited Chain Constructions
Choose from all link, link-spacer, double link, multiguide, or custom chain constructions. We can provide chains with ground links, Lo-Profile links, extended pitch links, as well as replacements for any competitor’s products.

Unique Wear Protection
Eliminate pin head wear with Allguard FXAll-Steel, or patented Lifeguard protective guard links.

Wide Range of Widths
Select chain widths ranging from 25mm to over 380mm wide.


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