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Welcome to Ramsey's new and improved Drive Selection Program. This web based program, developed by Ramsey, simplifies drive sizing and selection. Simply enter your drive conditions and the program will assist you in choosing chain type, chain width, chain length, and sprocket sizes for your application. Three menu options allow for complete drive selection, only chain length computation, or only center distance calculation. All program outputs are displayed in a one page, printable, summary.

In order to access the program you will need to enter your email address below. This information will help us to assess the level of interest in the program and to communicate with program users about periodic program improvements. We will not harass you with frequent emails or solicitations. Also, we will not share this information with anyone outside of Ramsey.

If you previously downloaded and installed Ramsey's Drive Selection Program, we encourage you to delete the program and use the updated web based program. The updated version contains numerous corrections and will provide more accurate results.

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Disclaimer: This program was designed to simplify drive selection. We cannot be certain the program will deliver accurate results under all conditions. Program results should be verified through independent calculations before making a purchase decision. Part numbers and dimensions are subject to change. Consult Ramsey for the latest product information and verification of your drive selection.