Advantages of Ramsey Silent Chain

Silent chains offer unique advantages and options in both power transmission and conveying applications.

For Power Transmission

Ramsey power transmission chains are capable of transmitting loads and speeds that exceed the capacity of all other chains and belts (Figure 1 and Figure 2). This increased load and speed capability is the result of specialized chain and sprocket designs which increase the load carrying capability of the chain and significantly reduce vibration and noise. Such silent chains can transmit up to 3000 HP, with speeds exceeding 7,000FPM, and a mechanical efficiency of up to 99%.

For Conveying

Silent conveying chains provide a smooth, durable, flat conveying surface that operates with less vibration and velocity variation than other conveying products. Chains are manufactured from hardened steel components, making them long lasting and tolerant of elevated temperatures. They are available in a variety of standard widths and constructions or can be easily built to suit a specific application.

Silent chain is a premium product that often out performs where other belt and chain products fail...