Ramsey Granted Multiple US Patents for Lifeguard® Chain

February 4, 2013

Ramsey was recently granted two United States patents (US 8,322,522 B2 and US 8,356,709) for Lifeguard wear protected chains. Lifeguard chains utilize unique interlocking side links that not only guard against pin head wear, but also greatly reduce the size of gaps between adjacent side plates. With much smaller gaps between the side plates, smooth product transfer on and off the conveying surface is assured and the potential for snagging on lateral guides is reduced. These features translate directly to fewer ware handling problems, extended chain life, and improved productivity. Lifeguard® is available in 1/2" pitch,as well as 1" pitch extended pitch. For more information visit: http://ramseychain.com/prod_sc_conv_lifeguard.asp or Contact us.