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The patented Ramsey knock out tool is designed to simplify connecting and disconnecting all Ramsey single pin conveying chains, including Allguard FX, Lifeguard, and All-Steel chains. The RKO tool provides three distinct stations for working with a chain. The first station has a ram screw which is used to break off the head of a pin during chain disconnection. The second stage allows the pin being removed to be driven out of the chain, using a hammer and a tapered assembly pin. This second stage is also useful for keeping chain components aligned when connecting chains that have spacers between the links. The third stage maintains chain alignment during connection so that a drive pin and washer can be inserted in the end of the connecting pin. The RKO tool is protected by United States patent US 9,174,269 B2 and European patent EP2905092.

The chain connection feature of the RKO tool is designed to be used with pre-drilled connecting pins, drive pins and connecting washers that Ramsey can provide. For users who do not have these parts, or prefer the traditional connection method of peening a head on an annealed connecting pin, the tool can still be used to simplify chain disconnection.

RKO tools can be ordered to fit most any style Ramsey single pin conveying chain. The tools unique, toothed guide blocks are modular in design and can be stacked to accommodate a wide range of chain widths and chain guide types. When a customer orders a tool, Ramsey’s customer service personnel help select the exact module configuration to fit the chain at hand. But the RKO tool is also very adaptable to changing needs. Modules can be easily removed and re-oriented at any time to fit different chain widths and guide types. For the customer, this means, one tool can handle many different chain styles. The RKO tool base is available in the original, standard width, as well as a "wide-body" version. Some customers prefer the added stability and larger working area provided by the wide-body tool.

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