Typical silent chain drive for power transmission
Typical silent chain drive for power transmission

Silent chains for conveying
Typical conveying chains

Silent Chain Overview

Ramsey manufactures an extensive range of silent chain and sprockets for use in industrial power transmission and conveying applications. Chain designs are available to accomodate a wide variety of application requirements and budgets. More detailed information on specific products is available by clicking on the product links below.

In power transmission applications, silent chain drives are capable of transmitting power with low noise, high efficiency, and reduced vibration. Speeds and loads often exceed the capability of other belts and chains. Almost all Ramsey power transmission chains utilize efficient, quiet, two-pin roller bearing joints; technology which has been shown to outperform conventional, round pin joints.* These chains can be found in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications and similar designs are used in 4 wheel drive automobiles and NASCAR racing engines.

In conveying applications, silent conveying chains provide a heat resistant, flat, durable, non-slip, conveying surface which can be customized to fit a wide range of industrial applications. Chains are designed to smoothly engage sprockets with minimal variation in the conveying surface speed. Many options are available, including: patented wear protection, single pin or two pin joint construction, link-spacer or all link constructions, attachment links, and stainless steel assemblies.

To learn more about the variety of products available click on Chains for Power Transmission or Chains for Conveying. If you still have questions try Silent Chain Fundamentals or Contact Ramsey; Our customer service team is available to answer questions and help with chain and sprocket selection.

In addition to our standard product lines Ramsey also offers custom, made to order chains and sprockets, as well as replacements for silent chain from other manufacturers. Contact Ramsey for more information.

Silent Chain for Power Transmission

Silent Chains for Conveying