Rampower™ Silent Chain

RP or RamPower series silent chain was designed to operate on sprockets manufactured with an ASME Standard tooth profile. Available exclusively through Ramsey, RamPower offers twice the power capacity of SC series chains and speeds up to 7,000 fpm. RamPower has been successfully employed in applications transmitting up to 2,500 hp and is often preferred where high loads and speeds must be accommodated in a small amount of space.

The increased load carrying capacity of RamPower is a result of improved link and pin designs. Ramsey engineers re-designed the standard SC link shape to reduce stress concentrations, improve fatigue life, and increase link tensile strength. Innovative stamping methods were also employed to maximize the amount of bearing surface area in each link. The increased bearing area produces less stress in the chain joint and greatly reduces the rate of chain elongation during operation. All chain links are shot peened to improve fatigue resistance and produce a uniform finish.

In most applications RamPower will experience very little initial elongation, making it well suited for fixed center drive applications. We recommend RamPower for all new chain drives where the customer desires to use sprockets with the ASME standard tooth profile. It is also well suited for upgrading existing SC chain applications when improved performance is desired.

RamPower is available in center guide as well as side guide assemblies.
Available pitches: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2"

Typical RP link profile
Typical RP link profile

Rampower drive in oil field pump