Silent Chain Sprockets

Stock and Made to Order

Ramsey offers a full range of stock and made to order sprockets in pitches ranging from 3/16” pitch to 2 1/4” pitch. Stock sprockets are available with minimum plain bores or taper lock bushings. For an additional charge they can be machined with a finished bore and keyway. Made to order sprockets provide an almost unlimited range of options and are a large part of our daily production.Ramsey also supplies sprockets to replace most competitors’ products. We welcome all inquiries.


RPV, RP and SC sprockets are typically made from carbon steel or ductile iron, with sprocket teeth hardened to Rockwell hardness of Rc 50. For RP and SC only, some sprocket sizes are available in class 30 gray iron with unhardened teeth. Other materials are available subject to customer preference, sprocket size, cost, and availability.

Performance Guidelines

In general, larger sprocket diameters will provide for smoother operation, less vibration, and longer life. We recommend using sprockets with at least 21 teeth whenever possible. Also, to assure proper meshing of sprockets and chain we recommend they be purchased from the same source.

Guide Type

Similar to chains, most sprockets fall into one of two categories: center guide or side guide.

  • Center Guide: A groove machined in the center of the sprocket face accepts the chain’s center guide link. Two grooves are machined for two center guide. Side Guide The sprocket fits between the chain’s side guide plates.
  • Side Guide: The sprocket fits between the chain’s side guide plates.

Stock Sprocket Specifications

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