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“Sentry chain delivers something for everyone.

Ramsey’s popular line of wear protected chains recently expanded to include a unique new conveying chain. Branded the Sentry line, this chain combines the best features of established Allguard FX and two pin conveying chains with features developed for high speed power transmission chain.

Features of Sentry 2-Pin Chain

    • Guard links with fully recessed pin heads
    • 100% hardened alloy steel construction- no sintered metal
    • Two pin chain joints
    • 1” and 1/2” pitch designs
    • Staked pin heads
    • Pre-stressed for reduced chain elongation

Sentry Chain recessed heads

Developed Especially for Customers Preferring Two Pin Conveying Chains

Following the success of Ramsey’s established wear protected chains, customers who prefer two pin chain designs challenged Ramsey’s engineers to come up with a new chain. In response, our engineers developed an all steel, two pin chain design that offers the same wear protection as Lifeguard and Allguard FX. Unique in the industry, Sentry chains blend features which have been successfully used in Ramsey glass conveying chain for decades with totally new features which are only available from Ramsey. No other company offers chains comparable to Sentry!
Sentry Chain closeup

Wear Protection – And Much More

Sentry chains utilize time tested assemblies, two pin joint designs, and wear protected recessed pin heads to produce chains that are strong,durable, and resistant to wear. In addition, the pin heads in the chains are “staked” using proprietary technology developed by Ramsey. Staked heads are very durable and more compact than heads formed by other methods. And since the pin heads are recessed, they will not wear like pin heads in laser weld style chains. Also, the guard links on Sentry chains are hardened alloy steel. No sintered metal parts are used in the chain. This results in a more robust and impact resistant chain. Lastly, Sentry chains are pre-stressed during manufacturing to fully seat components and to reduce chain “stretch”.

Compatible With Existing Sprockets

Sentry conveying chains are fully interchangeable with similar existing chains and sprockets. Chains can be made with or without spacers and can operate with center guide or side guide sprockets.

Ordering Sentry 2-Pin Chain the first time

When placing an initial order, we recommend you contact a Ramsey customer service representative who will help you select a chain which best fits your application.

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