Part Numbers for Chain and Sprockets

In most cases, Ramsey uses a part numbering system that is similar to the method used in the silent chain standard, ANSI Standard B29.2. Chain part numbers begin with a prefix, such as SC, RP, or RPV, which identifies the product type. This is followed by a number that indicates the chain pitch in eighths of an inch. The two last digits indicate the width in fourths of an inch. An exception to this rule is made for 3/16" pitch where the following convention applies: The first two digits in the code denote chain pitch in 16ths of an inch and the last two digits indicate width in 32nds of an inch.

For example: SC 408 identifies a Standard silent chain Chain which is 1/2" pitch and 2" wide. A sprocket to run with this chain would be identified by the chain product code followed by the number of teeth in the sprocket. For instance, SC 408-21 identifies a compatible 21 tooth sprocket. Special chains and replacements for other manufacturers may use a different numbering system.