Chain Ordering Information

If you know the chain's catalog part number . . .
Simply supply the part number along with the chain length in pitches, feet or meters.

If you have a chain description, but do not know the part number . . .
Please specify the following details:

  1. Product type - For example, RPV, RP, SC, Conveyor, Duplex or competitors product type.
  2. Pitch - Best determined by measuring across 3 pin heads and dividing the measurement by 2.
  3. Chain width across the links and across the pin heads
  4. Guide type( side guide, center guide, or no guide)
  5. Chain length in pitches, feet or meters

note: For conveying chains it is also important to specify either “single pin”
or “two pin” and “all link” or “link-spacer” construction.

If you have an engineering drawing . . .
Simply fax, email, or post mail the drawing to Ramsey.

If you are uncertain about what you need . . .
Contact Ramsey. An experienced customer service representative will assist you.