Ramsey Introduces All-Steel Conveying Chains

Dec 04, 2017

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Ramsey recently introduced the All-Steel line of conveying chains. Ramsey All-Steel chains are wear protected chains made from 100% steel. Unlike other chains which use head protector links made from pressed metal and are susceptible to cracking, All-Steel chains use guard links made from 100% hardened, alloy steel. All-Steel links will never crack under pressure! So if you have tried other chains and had problems with pressed metal links cracking, those days are over. This product breakthrough, available only from Ramsey, may change the way you look at wear protected chains.

Features of Ramsey’s New All-Steel Chains:
• Available in 1/2 inch and 1 inch pitch, single pin, center guide style chains
• 100% hardened alloy steel construction- No pressed metal
• Chain widths from less than 1 inch to over 20 inches
• Assemblies include: all links (maximum surface area), link-spacer construction (reduced weight and enhanced cooling), or double stacked (better air flow and bottle cooling)
• Chain surfaces can be ground for the ultimate in smooth transport
• Compatible with standard Ramsey sprockets
• For All-Steel two pin style chains consider Ramsey Sentry chains

Developed specifically for hot end glass bottle transport, All-Steel chains are also ideally suited for many types of industrial conveying.

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