Ramsey RKO Tool Receives US Patent

Feb 01, 2016

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Ramsey was recently granted a United States patent ( US 9,174,269 B2) for its RKO chain tool. The RKO tool, or Ramsey Knock Out Tool ® , is designed to quickly and easily remove pins wherever a chain must be disconnected. The same tool can also be used to easily install chain connecting pins wherever chain sections are to be joined. The RKO tool maintains chain link and spacer alignment and can save hours when connecting or disconnecting multiple chain sections.

Ramsey Knock Out Tools are especially well suited for connecting and disconnecting single pin silent conveying chains. Tools are equipped with modular guide plates that allow the tool to be adapted to almost any Ramsey Silent Chain ® width, as well as wear protected chain styles like Allguard FX ™ and Lifeguard ®.

Ramsey Knock Out Tool ®, Lifeguard ®, and Ramsey Silent Chain ® are registered trademarks of Ramsey Products Corporation.

To learn more about the Ramsey RKO Knock Out Tool Contact Ramsey.